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Which trees, shrubs ?

Numerous are those whom natural shape accept very well an aesthetic pruning, each species requesting a particular style of pruning, each subject requesting a particular project. Among evergreen species, Pinus, familiar in japanese landscapes (as the Thunbergii, the Parvifolia and the Densiflora) so as the Sylvestris, the Strobus, the Mugho, are excellent subjects to be led toward a japanese elegance. So may be Yewes, Thuyas, Ilexes, Cypresses, Boxes, Loniceras, Juniperus ...

Among the deciduous species, one can quote maples, hornbeams and beeches.

The majestic silhouette of a Pinus (Photo 2005 - Tree Nursery "Christian Coureau" )
These three Thuyas throw toward the sky their organ of branches.In the future it will be interesting to structure these three confused heads with more pronounced shapes.
(Realization Alain Billiard - 2006)