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Bibliography (Suite)
"La Taille japonaise,
Le Zen au jardin"
by Frédérique Dumas
Frédérique Dumas proposes us in this beautiful work an authentic glance on this Japanese ancestral art.
Returning regularly in Japan to work with maitres gardeners, she draws from the sources of the Zen inspiration which is based on the harmony between man and Nature. She describes the various styles of pruning, the species adapted to each, as well as the energy principles which are in the heart of this approach. The research for an aesthetics made of simplicity, restraint, becomes as a lifestyle which sends back the artist to himself
 and to his (her) internal life.
"Ueki No Te-Ire :
 The Japanese Art of Giant Bonsai"
by Eric Mader

Interesting work of Eric Mader, américan student holding a Bachelors degree in Japanese language and studying Horticulture at the University of Minnesota, on the different ways of shaping the Japanese Pines.


Ueki No Te-Ire
Les leçons du Jardin Zen
by Eric Borja
In this book, Erik Borja, conceptor of gardens, describes the different ways of pruning in japanese style. E Borja
"Japanese pruning of Pines"
Ishimoto, Tatsuo and Kiyoto Ishimoto, 1996
Brooks, D. 2000