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"La taille des arbres en nuage" has been edited in 2012. Here, Christian Coureau, freely inspired by the japanese tradition gives us all he has learnt for years.

He reveals his method built around the "MDG" principle (Movement, Direction, Grosseur(Size)) that must leads the work of pruning.

An essential book for whoever is interested in this art of pruning.

This book gives the japanese pruning lovers the main technical principles to lead a pruning work on different sorts of trees and shrubs. Jake Hobson has lived a long period in Japan, married a japanese woman, and has been profondly touched by the japanese gardens, especially by the trees.

 As reported Anna Pavord in the newspaper "The Independent" : " The intricate japanese Art of Niwaki is now more approchable, thanks to the skills of a former british sculptor" (11/2007). His book is practical, using photographs and drawings to illustrate his description of the various styles of Niwakis.
From whom wants to dash into the art of Jananese pruning, Frédériaque Dumas proposes us, with this second book, published in March 2010, a practical guide to lead a pruninjg work according to the genuine rules.
Generalities on the pruning work, technical of haubanage, exfoliation, plucking of buds ...
Index forms of creation by styles allows to chose the way of pruning which is convenient for a subject accordind to his species, its structure ...

Here is finally a complete work which delieghts all the amateurs.