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Aesthetic choices

Traditional pruning rules must be respected. Forward, aesthetic choices will be made according to the subject, its age, its natural shape and other characterictics of its species. At the first pruning, bases of the project will be decided and this one will be refined with the feedback of the Vegetal at the next growing periods. That is to say that a project for a tree must be started during its youth. Coming in the adult age, there is less possibilities to shape it. It is different for a shrub like the Juniperus : when it has developped its branches, it remains many ways to "sculpt" it.
There are various ways to stylise  ... The idea is to give movment, avoid the straight lines, the symmetries, to find this balance which will give the subject all its elegance.

Avant la taille
Pendant la taille
And finally
This work seems to have been a bit severe, but after some time, the "clouds" will densify; they will be regularly reshaped to aim a more achieved aesthetic
(Pruned by A. Billiard - 2006)
A hornbeam standing with élégance
Photo 2005 - Pépinières Christian Coureau